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$20 million to put sidewalk on a closed off road! Vision's social media dept continues to roll out exaggerated news!

Why does the City of Vancouver require a staff of 37 social media, PR and communication people? Below is the rebuttal to March 20th piece. Responses to "The Elephant in The Yard-Point Grey Road"

Oh yes there will; the elephant is not positioned on city land and never has been, so the elephant will remain in perpetuity. And, for your information, the City told residents (on video evidence) that it would not be taking back City land on Point Grey Road because it was too expensive an undertaking for taxpayers (not worth the money), too destructive to the existing neighbourhood and too dangerous in the reconfiguration of driveways for ingress/egress. Yet, the Vision majority City Council revoked this promise and is wasting taxpayer dollars on this worthless enterprise of constructing yet another sidewalk (Point Grey Road already had 3 along it) and an extra-wide grassy boulevard that the City will not maintain. The sidewalk is entirely residential other than a couple of pocket parks, so there is nothing “seaside” about it. Vision simply applied a bandaid rather than pursue the logical, actual seawall extension at the seaside. Millions of dollars wasted for a temporary 8-block fill-in rather than a permanent solution for the future, and the billions in tourist dollars that the seawall extension would have brought into the city. A shameful act.

Arbutus Corridor Public Consulation a Sham

City Lying when it says, "We will use what we heard from you" to develop projects, like Arbutus Greenway