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Commerical Drive: Listen up Gregor

Please stop your abuse of power over communities that deserve planning that reflects and includes our feedback.  Commercial Drive is exactly that, a “DRIVE” and removing parking will reduce visitation, as congestion is inevitable and shopping on a bike is not realistic for most.  The street is flanked by beautiful bike-friendly street routes. 

Not enough is known about the potential negative affects AAA Bike Lanes pose to small business who pay huge taxes to operate in this city.

As a taxpayer, that is suffering higher taxes due to your expensive plans, demand

·         THAT you provide factual cost estimates for this infrastructure, and its budget impacts - especially when you are raising taxes 5% this year for desperate revenue needs as evidenced by the opiod crisis tax and now launching a totally unnecessary re-branding of our city with unknown total cost!

·         THAT The 5,000 + signature petition against AAA Bike Lanes be recognized.

·         THAT Council direct staff to re-engage and meet with the Commercial Drive Business Society, stakeholders and residents to address concerns and issues arising from the proposed transportation design and plans on Commercial Drive.

·         THAT Council formally acknowledge receipt of correspondence “Public Petition” including 5053 signatures, submitted to Mayor and Council by the Commercial Drive Business Society and direct staff to include this petition in any reports of public consultation related to local transportation plans in this area.

·         THAT Council direct staff to consider the negative economic impacts any changes to transportation design may have on small businesses in the Commercial Drive neighbourhood.

Stop dictating and start listening!!!!


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Welcome to Vancouver, a city in crisis.