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Greenway?  City of Vancouver is de-greening old growth on this historic road and spending WAY too much doing it. It is obscene and extremely upsetting. City is effectively raising taxes to pay for this ~ $15 MILLION (and counting) and climbing unnecessary infrastructure project that could have been accomplished in for less time with far less money. Will you ever share the exact bill for the widened sidewalk and road closure "Green" project?  

Meanwhile you are raising our taxes to find $500,000. Shame. Read the City of Vancouver Point Grey Road Seaside Greenway, water, sewer and street upgrades newsletter. (what they forget to mention is what they are downgrading - quality of life)


Welcome to Phase 2 of our construction updates. We thank you for your patience and understanding as water and sewer infrastructure is upgraded and the Seaside Greenway is completed. 



  • Sewer main upgrades on Point Grey Road are now complete. Water upgrades are underway between Waterloo and Collingwood Street, and will be complete within the next two weeks. 
  • Sewer upgrades on Alma Street between Point Grey Road and 4th Avenue are nearing completion. Paving on Alma Street will be repaired as soon as work is complete.
  • Streets construction is underway between Tatlow Park and Trutch Street. We are building new curbs, sidewalks, and driveway let-downs, and also landscaping the boulevard. Construction along these blocks will take two to three months, and the road will be repaved at the end of construction. 
  • Tree and landscaping removal and pruning will wrap up in mid-March. We may need to remove custom driveway treatments on City land as sidewalks are built.
  • BC Hydro and Telus crews are moving poles and associated infrastructure south to make way for the new north sidewalk. They will be contacting residents as needed to complete new house connections. 
  • Temporary light fixtures have been installed along the south side of Point Grey Road. These fixtures are brighter than our regular street lighting as they have to light both sides of Point Grey Road during construction. Once new street lights are installed on the north side, the temporary south side lights will be replaced with new fixtures that cast a warmer, softer light.
  • Weather permitting, garbage, recycling and green bin collection will take place as scheduled during construction. If your garbage or green bin is not collected by 8:00 pm on collection day, please phone 3-1-1 and leave the items out for late collection. If your recycling is not picked up, contact Smithrite Disposal at 604-282-7966 or recycle@smithrite.com. 

Please note that incorrect information had been posted at vancouver.ca about an upcoming public meeting. Please disregard this information; our apologies for any confusion.


If you would like to know more about construction activity and how it might affect you, please contact the project team at pointgrey.cornwall@vancouver.ca.




The City is working to complete the Seaside Greenway, a 28-km walking and cycling route from the Vancouver Convention Centre to Spanish Banks Park. Improved walking conditions and connections will be made between Tatlow Park and Jericho Beach. Safety enhancements will also be made to reduce potential conflicts between people walking and people exiting their driveways. Work is being coordinated with necessary water and sewer upgrades.


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TransLink updates: translink.ca/alerts 

Email: pointgrey.cornwall@vancouver.ca




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