Wake Up Vancouver!

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Letter to Mayor and Council of Vancouver

To: Mayor and Council Correspondence
Subject: Address our concerns! No AAA Bike Lanes on Commercial Drive!


There is plenty of evidence with regards the negative acts of bike lanes one simply has to go to Kitsilano to see the grid lock and angry business owners on Burrard. Like the bike lane on Burrard it's simply not necessary ! people with bikes want to get off and walk to see the shops not speed through on a bike lane and there are plenty of side roads for that ! Victoria being one of them and as a cyclist Victoria is just fine as it is so pay attention to the petition or wait until the next election !!!

You have not been consultedabout the potential negative affects AAA Bike Lanes pose to small business. 

Our 5,000 + signature petition against AAA Bike Lanes should be recognized.

THAT Council direct staff to re-engage and meet with the Commercial Drive Business Society, stakeholders and residents to address concerns and issues arising from the proposed transportation design and plans on Commercial Drive.

THAT Council formally acknowledge receipt of correspondence “Public Petition” including 5053 signatures, submitted to Mayor and Council by the Commercial Drive Business Society and direct staff to include this petition in any reports of public consultation related to local transportation plans in this area.

THAT Council direct staff to consider the negative economic impacts any changes to transportation design may have on small businesses in the Commercial Drive neighbourhood.

Thanks, Gregg G.


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