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More words from Lawrence Solomon on how the Bike Impacts our Streets

You drive too much. So, too, does most everyone else — that’s the diagnosis by municipal planners and politicians across the continent. They have an answer for your overindulgence, too. They’re putting your cars on “road diets” by slimming the amount of asphalt available for your automobile, and slowing its movements, too. It’s all being done for your own good and especially for the new one per cent: those who commute to work by bicycle.

If you don’t hang out at city halls where talk of “road diets” is the rage, you likely won’t have heard this phrase in the planner’s lexicon, but you will have experienced the results. Thanks to road diets, four-lane streets have become three (the middle lane having become a left-hand turning lane shared by vehicles travelling in both directions), streets have become constricted by all manner of “traffic calming” measures and the dieticians’ favourite prescription of all — the bicycle lane — has become ubiquitous.

Full story available here: http://nationalpost.com/opinion/lawrence-solomon-how-road-diets-are-making-our-car-commutes-even-more-painful/wcm/7d046ddf-ec1d-459d-9f12-e992547ad3e2

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