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Taxpayer Messages about Phase 2 of Seaside Greenway

From: Nelson Skalbania, Owner/Resident/Taxpayer on Point Grey Road

For the past 27 years we have landscaped, maintained the 10’-0” easement in front of our home. The property taxes the City collected was partially based on the improvements we made on this easement. Now the City wants to take my tax money in order to convert my easement greenery to concrete—not to feed the poor, nor house the needy, but to widen an already very wide foot and bike path. That is an appalling unnecessary decision orchestrated by no one who lives in the area.


From: Elaine Chee, Kerrisdale Resident

Dear Mayor Robertson and Vision Councillors,

I am a Kerrisdale resident who enjoys walking and cycling in the neighbourhood. I have walked this stretch from Tatlow Park to Alma St a few times and noticed plenty of cyclists and pedestrians, but practically no car traffic.

In its current state, the road is very safe for cyclists, pedestrians & residential traffic.

Why should the municipal government spend $6.4 million taxpayer dollars on this stretch? I can see no legitimate reason. Please divert this $6.4 million dollars to helping the homeless or subsidizing the Millennium Broadway Extension. This would be much better stewardship of our taxpayer dollars.

Approval of Phase 2 "In Principle Only" in 2013

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