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Concerned Kitsilano Residents: More About Who We Are

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Concerned Kitsilano Residents is made up of both individuals and families that live in and near Point Grey Road, as well as neighbouring communities. Our goal is to keep our local government accountable on City projects like the Seaside Greenway. The claim that Concerned Kitsilano Residents is not representative of the neighbourhood is far from accurate. 

We encourage all Vancouver residents to join us in speaking up against the lack of City consultation and wasteful spending. Ask anyone using Point Grey Road as a cyclist or pedestrian on how they feel about a sidewalk 10-feet wide and the removal of mature landscaping...nearly everyone thinks it is a wasteful spend of taxpayer dollars.

This is not just a case of "Not In My Backyard". The issue goes beyond just Point Grey Road. It is a citywide issue. It is about Vancouver, and the legacy we are all here to leave. For Vision, it is about fulfilling their own legacy, a legacy to complete the seawall regardless of the socio-economic impact.

Taxpayer Messages about Phase 2 of Seaside Greenway

This is not about encroaching on city land, it's about wasteful spending