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This is not about encroaching on city land, it's about wasteful spending

Photo Credit: CBC News Vancouver

Over the past month, we have been listening to feedback from Vancouver residents about Phase 2 of the Seaside Greenway. Today, we wanted to adress the issue of city land. Some have pointed the finger, claiming that a few private property owners are encroaching on city land for their own use.

The City of Vancouver encourages communities to beautify boulevards and streets that extend onto public land (link). The homeowners in the Point Grey area follow these guidelines on gardening beautification. The issue here is not about land, but about the lack of City consultation and wasteful spending. Wasteful spending ($6.4 Million) on a project that is not necessary and not wanted by the majority of the greater Point Grey area residents.

Please read our Online Petition to learn more about the project.

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