Wake Up Vancouver!

    Citizens for a Better Vancouver

Why did 18 - 34 years old vote for Gregor?

48% of people between 18 and 34 year sold cite housing as their biggest concern BUT YOU STILL VOTED GREGOR IN FOR HIS 3RD TERM. WHY? Gregor and his failed election promises continue -  Affordable housing-,  VALUES INCREASED ,  PROPERTY TAXES TO INCREASE 50% Homelessness – TOTAL FAILER. Poverty- HIGHEST IN CANADA. Job creation, - FAILED Transportation – INSTEAD CREATES PURPOSEFUL GRIDLOCK!

And the environment is his key priorities in trying to make his city more livable. HE'S GENERATED GRIDLOCK INCREASING EMISSIONS, AND POURED MORE CONCRETE AND ASPHALT IN THE VANCOUVER'S HISTORY. How green is that?

On B.C.’s farmland, mega-mansions and speculators reap the rewards of lucrative tax breaks

Lunch anyone?