Wake Up Vancouver!

    Citizens for a Better Vancouver

Letter to Mayor and Council

Dear Mayor and Council,


I think it is outrageous that you are considering increasing taxes on an over-taxed Vancouver population.  You are adding to the stress and angst in this city.  Property owners are really upset about this. You are in the enviable position of seeing the biggest rise in property values in the world in the last 4 years, and along with that, your tax revenue has climbed inordinately, and you are already planning an outsized increase on top of that rise! 


If you are out of money, perhaps you should start making some hard choices about your priorities.  All your paving and hard infrastructure is costing MILLIONS and Vancouverites are noticing the waste.  We are paying for it! 


Please consider how to save money and soon.  Here is some low hanging fruit:


·         Point Grey Road sidewalk widening project – $6.5 million and climbing – really?!  The sidewalk simply returns to normal width at either end of this road.  This is simply a waste of money. Further, if the power poles need to be buried, then you are in for a whopper of a bill. 

·         Shelve expensive bike lane infrastructure to Commercial Drive that is really unpopular and NOT wanted, nor is it an emergency issue.  Commercial Drive will become Commercial Gridlock.  Bad for business and the environment, and meter revenue lost.  You would certainly be popular if you re-think this.

·         Pend the remaining Burrard Street (4th to 17th) expensive protected bike lanes in favour of the painted line/white safely-tube format at a great savings.  There is only a trickle of biking traffic that will use it, since you have closed Cypress also.  Who knows how much that is costing?


Further, I do not think health care is a municipal responsibility.  We are already paying taxes for that, and you should be leveraging your relationship with the provincial government to get money for the current health care crisis. 



Fiona Brodie

Gregor choosing pavement over people