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City consult ICBC for public safety? 

Question: Why would the city consult ICBC for public safety, outdated crash data and irrelevant data? Perhaps to point finger at another authority in the event of a pedestrian mishap.


November 2016 - Did you know the City of Vancouver has asked ICBC to confirm the collision/accident data in a safety report that the City has written in regard to Point Grey Road between Alma and Macdonald streets.  The residents have been seeking this report for many months from the City, but there has been delay after delay without explanation from the City, and currently the City has claimed that the report is stuck at ICBC.  Phase 2 (currently under construction on Point Grey Road) has been declared "unsafe" by independent traffic engineers, but the City claims that Phase 2 will make the roadway "safer" than it is now. 

The narrowing of the road and the lack of visibility exiting their driveways that Phase 2 will cause, rendering collisions with pedestrians on a widened sidewalk and with the many thousands of cyclists using the bike route on the road inevitable.  The City has declared that those accidents would be the fault of the resident drivers and their guests.  You can imagine!


Answer from ICBC Business Intelligence Unit:
ICBC 'Business Insights' provides collision data to the City of Vancouver but ICBC states they "are not involved in the analysis, reporting or decision making." For further information view the ICBC Crash Maps online at http://www.icbc.com/about-icbc/newsroom/Pages/Statistics.aspx will be updated in the next few weeks to include 2014 and 2015 data.

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