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Gregor prefers children raise money for their playgrounds while he spends on Vision

A disgrace - kids have to raise money to improve a playground.
Unbelievable, so much money wasted that Parks only has $1M per year to upgrade kids parks (159 being assessed and they can only improve 22!!)
What could THEY do with the money Vision is wasting on a new 9 foot wide pedestrian sidewalk on Point Grey Road (who for? so few pedestrians) 9 foot , that's $6.4 mil and the $3.5 mil on the jail bars on Burrard Street Bridge, and unnecessary infrastructure!!

Students rally to rebuild East Vancouver playground

The playground at the northeast end of Clark Park is quite modest, a small slide and monkey bars. But to the students from Stratford Hall school across the street, it’s a treasure


Stop changes to the Burrard Street Bridge

Corruption at its best